Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello everyone!

This is my first time at blogging so I hope I can keep you interested and tuning in. Here goes....

My name is Kathy Hall and I have worked at Morrison-Reeves library for approximately two months. I have actually been coming here and reveling in books ALL of my life!!!  I was born and raised in Richmond and attended school here .  I'm a wife (for almost 32 years), mother of two sons (21 and 14) and five fur babies (two cats and three dogs) and I'm a teacher by education although I've done all kinds of work.   I don't want to be boring and just list my interests ...I have so many and since I am probably adult ADHD, I tend to spring back and forth among them like a bouncing ball.  Maybe what I'll do is talk to you about my loves a little at a time as I encourage you to enjoy , use and learn from our wonderful library.  

As you can already guess, I am a huge reader and lover of books.  I was lucky enough to have a mother who gave me the go-ahead to try reading anything even if it was too old for me (but appropriate of course).  I remember attempting Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte multiple times until I "came of age" and could understand.  It is now one of my all-time favorite books.  What is important about that is that my mother urged me to set my bar attempt something that was a challenge and to not feel discouraged if I wasn't immediately successful.  So go ahead, try a chapter book that you saw a friend reading or that has a cool cover  and even if you have trouble with it, you will have learned some new words or entered a new world that you can return to.  Or give a series a try and have fun encountering some descriptive phrases that may create a more detailed picture in your mind!  If we were always successful the first time or already knew everything, the world wouldn't be full of things to look forward to.  So my advice for this week is try something you've never read or you think might be a little hard for you.  It feels good to flex your reading muscles.  

I'll see you all next week here at "Let's Learn about reading with Miss Kathy" and be sure to come into the library  say hi to me!  Have a great week!
(By the way, if you mention reading my blog, I'll have a piece of candy for you!)

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