Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi everyone!   

Just thought I would write a little "blurb" about Sunset Storytime to encourage you to come and join us.  Yes, it is later in the evening and yes, it does mention older children and yes, it does say Family.  Well , it is ALL that!   We are hoping to provide a time in the evenings when the kids who work hard in school all day can join with their younger siblings and Mom, Dad, Grandma or whoever to relax and enjoy books, stories, songs etc.  It is a combination of lots of fun things .  Sometimes we'll read picture books, sometimes a chapter out of a book or we might look at some non-fiction books that are super cool!   Of course, there will be music.  We'll also do some storytelling that will be fun, especially when Halloween gets closer!

Why not put it on your calendar and give us a try?  We'd love to see you!


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